Ambassador Haddad: Wide participation in presidential election reflects Syrian people’s adherence to their unity

Moscow, Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad affirmed that wide popular participation in the presidential election reflects adherence of Syrian people to their national unity, policy of their country, and their president, as well as their determination to decide their own future without any external pressure or blackmail.

Delivering a speech via video during a meeting with graduates from Arab countries who have completed their studies in Soviet and Russian universities and institutes on sidelines of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Haddad stressed that during the election, the Syrian people are the ones who dictate the final word and give the legitimacy to any constitutional entitlement.

He noted that these elections which were held at the highest level and were kept up with parliamentary delegations from several countries affirmed Syria’s commitment to the electoral standards.

Haddad indicated that the reckless behavior of many Western countries that prevented the Syrians from fulfilling their national duty under illegal pretexts confirm the failure of these countries to achieve their aggressive goals in Syria.

“ Syria will expel all foreign forces from its territories present without an invitation of the Syrian state because the country has the right to defend of its sovereignty and expel the occupiers and invaders in parallel with its commitment to a political process under the ownership and leadership of Syria without any external interference ,in addition to the reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure and the return of refugees to their country,” he said .


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency