Citizens head for polling stations in Sweida province to cast votes in presidential elections

Sweida-With the first moments of opening the ballot boxes, locals in Sweida and its residents headed to polling stations in the province to cast their votes in the presidential elections.

Head of Judicial Subcommittee in Sweida, Judge Counselor, Farid Akwan said in statement to SANA that the polling stations started receiving voters after opening the ballot boxes and making sure that they are empty of any documents in front of the agents and media.

He noted that the polling stations are distributed in all areas across the province and any citizen can vote at any center he chooses.

In Mafa’ala town in the eastern countryside of the province, Marwan Ghanen, Head of Polling Station Committee, said that the ballot boxes were opened to make sure that they are empty of any paper, then they were closed in front of the candidates’ agents and media to start the electoral process.

The required Judicial subcommittees of the elections in all provinces completed on Tuesday the preparations for the presidential elections.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)