CMTC reviews steps to boost Jordan’s passenger transport services

Amman: Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Co. (CMTC) will continue to improve its services by increasing bus fleet operating on public transport lines and “completely” switching to an e-fare collection system to raise efficiency and enhance oversight, its Chairman, Saud Nuseirat, said.

During a meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders virtually, the company announced that it achieved profits amounting to JD577,000 at the end of last year, despite accumulated losses amounting to JD2.3 million, which represents 15.5% of the company’s capital of JD15 million.

The company “successfully” maintained its operational and financial performance, compared to the year 2022, by enhancing operating revenues and operating 271 buses from Amman Vision, within the first and second phases of the Amman Bus Project and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, according to a CMTC statement.

The company also announced launch of new operational programs for buses to raise efficiency of passenger transportation services and
reduce operating costs.

These measures are part of the company’s strategy for achieving “continuous” improvement and enhancing operational performance to face economic challenges and integrate technological improvements, the company pointed out.

Nuseirat stated that the company achieved “relatively positive” stability at the end of last year, despite its economic conditions and challenges during the past year.

The company, he noted, “successfully” maintained its financial and operational stability, compared to the year 2022, thanks to “effective” strategies in managing operations and costs.

Additionally, he said the company’s “positive” performance was due to the “relative” improvement in the passenger transportation sector at the beginning of 2024.

The company succeeded in achieving these results by enhancing operational revenues and controlling income costs and administrative and financial expenses “excellently,” he pointed out.

Source: Jordan News Agency