Coppel Mexico Picks VoltDB to Power Customer Profiles

BEDFORD, Mass., June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VoltDB, the only enterprise-grade data platform that meets the real-time data requirements of modern applications, announced today that Coppel, the biggest nationwide department store in Mexico, is now using the VoltDB Data Platform to create a unified system for customer profiles.

“Volt has really been a game-changer for us,” said Coppel CTO Robert Gil. “We can now have a unified platform to manage all of our 13 million customer portfolio data, which then feeds into much better customer experiences and far bigger ROI for us thanks to improved customer loyalty.”

One of Coppel’s main assets, customer portfolios, also present a big challenge: to have a single profile that is online and up-to-date with all the customer’s information and for this profile to be live in an omnichannel environment so that customers can access their information on charges, credits, and installments (balances) in real time, without compromising the speed at which transactions are processed within the portfolio.

Coppel chose VoltDB because it needed a data platform that could enable them to:

  • Store online information in one place
  • Be fault tolerant through distributed, multi-site optimized finite-difference (DRP) schemes
  • Analyze information in real time with dashboards
  • Do real-time data collection
  • Perform fraud analysis without compromising database performance

“All the tests we carried out with Volt exceeded the expectations with respect to performance in transactions per second,” Gil said.

Moving forward, Coppel plans to expand its use of Volt to various call center and customer service use cases.

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VoltDB is the only data platform designed to support telco applications in the age of 5G. We combine in-memory data storage with predictable low-latency and other key capabilities to power BSS/OSS, customer management, and revenue assurance applications that need to act in single-digit milliseconds to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss, without compromising on data accuracy. For more information, visit

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