Egyptian trade delegation set to visit Jordan next Saturday

Amman: The General Association For Foodstuffs Merchants, in partnership with the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Commerce, and in coordination with the Egyptian Food Export Council, will host an Egyptian trade delegation comprising 35 specialized commercial and industrial entities in the food sector, scheduled to visit Jordan on the upcoming Saturday.

As announced by the Association in a statement on Wednesday, the delegation aims to facilitate bilateral engagements among importers, traders, distributors, and exporters from Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine, alongside Arab traders residing in the Kingdom. Additionally, the itinerary includes strategic visits to major commercial hubs in the region.

Highlighting the significance of this visit, Khalil Al-Haj Tawfiq, President of the Association, underscored the pivotal economic and commercial implications, attributing the mission’s realization to the concerted cooperation between the involved chambers and the Egyptian Food Export Council.

Al-Haj Tawfiq extended invit
ations to Jordanian and Arab stakeholders engaged in import-export activities and residing in the Kingdom to actively participate in the scheduled meetings. These sessions are slated to commence at nine in the morning and continue until five in the evening on Saturday, with subsequent meetings earmarked for various commercial and service sectors.

Emphasizing the visit’s symbolic importance, Al-Haj Tawfiq highlighted its role in heralding a new era of economic and commercial collaboration between the two countries, aimed at fostering mutual cooperation and expanding trade alliances.

Source: Jordan News Agency