First participation of Syria in activities of WHO Executive Council

Damascus– With the participation of Syria, activities of the 149th session of World Health Organization (WHO) Executive council were held on Wednesday virtually in presence of representive members from 34 countries.

World Health Assembly unanimously elected Syria for the membership of the Executive council to represent East Mediterranean for 3 years.

In a speech in the meeting of WHO Executive Council, Health Minister, Hassan al-Ghabash, affirmed that Syria believes in working according to UN Charter and international law and it is keen to assume its responsibilities in the council and to work effectively and constructively in the framework of multilateral action to support sustainable development efforts.

The Minister called for providing the necessary assistance to the member countries to enhance their ability in building flexible and advanced health systems, particularly in the light of COVID 19 pandemic which requires more mutual work to confront it and more emphasis on justice by distributing vaccines between the rich and poor countries of the world.

He stressed the necessity for all member countries to commit to respecting the human rights and working in accordance with UN charters and international law.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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