FM: Israel kills hope for peaceHamdan bin Zayed launches tourist landmark in Liwa City

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi said that “What Israel is doing is not only killing innocent Palestinians, destroying their neighborhoods, or making Gaza an uninhabitable place, but it is killing hop…

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi said that “What Israel is doing is not only killing innocent Palestinians, destroying their neighborhoods, or making Gaza an uninhabitable place, but it is killing hope for peace.”

Safadi made his remarks as he participated yesterday at the Wilson Center in Washington, adding that “If you conducted an opinion poll in the Middle East and asked whether peace with Israel is viable, the majority would answer no.”

Safadi confirmed that Israel had a strategy before this war and applied it in the West Bank by building settlements, confiscating lands, and allowing the radicals to decide the fate of the Palestinians.

He said that Israel challenges the world and the United States, as it does not abide by international law, kills people indiscriminately, deprives them of their right to food and medicine, and applies hostage-taking startegy against the Gazans.

Safadi stated that this war on Gaza has exceeded all limits, as the largest
number of civilians and journalists have been killed and the largest number of hospitals have been destroyed.

He wondered about the number of people that must be killed in Gaza for the world to say enough is enough for this war, adding that the killing of 17,000 Palestinians, the dismemberment of children, and the lack of tools to remove those under the rubble-how can all of this be justified?

Safadi referred to the Israeli practices and the general context that preceded the events of October 7, indicating that the Israeli Prime Minister himself stated that he wants to suffocate any Palestinian aspiration towards establishing a state.

Safadi criticized some international positions as a result of this war, adding that the positions of some did not rise o the level of the event and did not say enough is enough about what is happening to the Palestinians.

He said that the danger will have repercussions in the future, stressing that “Is it possible for an Arab official to sit next to his Israeli counterpart a
nd talk about integration in the region or economic cooperation in this environment?”

The United States needs to create a plan with precise deadlines and requirements to end this war based on the two-state solution, following thirty years of fruitless diplomacy, according to Safadi.

Source: Jordan News Agency

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region, launched a tourist landmark named after the city of Liwa.

The landmark, executed by the Municipality of Al Dhafra Region, is 50 meters wide and 23.5 meters high. It is located on a hill that is 195 meters above sea level, giving it a total height of 219 meters above sea level. The total area of the project is 3,600 square meters.

It is designed in a distinctive and innovative way from a metal structure that weighs 49 tonnes to ensure its sustainability in accordance with the highest international standards and to protect it from the effects of natural factors such as wind, humidity, and earthquakes.

During the inauguration, a spectacular light show illuminated the tourist landmark, showcasing the UAE flag in all its glory. Excerpts from the vibrant Liwa International Festival danced across the canvas, alongside breathtaking visuals of Liwa’s diverse landscapes. Lush palm oases and rolling sand dunes gave way to vibrant agr
icultural scenes, stark desert landscapes, and the teeming life of Al Dhafra’s marine environments. This captivating display served as a powerful reminder of Al Dhafra Region’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty.

Commenting on the launch, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan said that such projects play a key role in driving tourism to Liwa, particularly during its bustling season. ‘With a plethora of sports and cultural festivals taking place throughout the year, and a wealth of historical sites scattered across its diverse cities, Liwa offers something for every visitor.’

He pointed out that the landmark is a new addition to the region’s distinctive tourist attractions and will contribute to the development, activation, and promotion of the tourism sector in a way that reflects the reality of the tourist movement in all cities of the Al Dhafra Region.

He explained that the Al Dhafra region receives increasing numbers of tourists and participants in various events annually, and has a variety of tourist attr

Source: Emirates News Agency

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