Foreign Ministry calls upon Syrians abroad to participate in the presidential elections

Damascus, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday called upon the Syrian citizens abroad to cast a vote in the presidential elections scheduled to be held on Thursday to confirm their free will, national belonging and to contribute to building the renewable Syria whose future will be determined by the Syrians only.

The Ministry said, in a statement, that the participation of the Syrians abroad in this national duty constitutes an ingrained confirmation on the commitment to the independence of the national decision and foiling of all attempts which aim to impose custody on the Syrians and pledge their will for the others.

The Statement asserted that free homelands are built by freemen and the Syrians throughout history have been a symbol of dignity, freedom and a torch for committing to their free will and rejection of any form of foreign interference in their affairs.

The Ministry concluded by addressing the Syrians abroad .. “the embassies are your homeland and their staff welcome you to practice this national duty and participate with the Syrians inside the homeland in this important national duty.. let your slogan be “For Syria, I will participate in the presidential elections.”

Source: Syria Arab News Agency

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