GWM’s new vehicles built on L.E.M.O.N. DHT make a global debut, demonstrating exceptional performance

BAODING, China, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, GWM launched HAVAL JOLION in Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Chile and is about to unveil the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 in Ukraine. Built on “L.E.M.O.N.”, an intelligent modular platform, the two new models will introduce GWM L.E.M.O.N. DHT to the world for the first time, bringing new product experience to users around the world through technological transformation and innovation.

3rd Gen HAVAL H6

The launch of L.E.M.O.N. DHT will make GWM the first Chinese carmaker that breaks the barrier in hybrid technology. This highly-integrated, high-efficiency, multi-mode hybrid system with HEV and PHEV architectures can achieve a perfect balance between high efficiency and high performance irrespective of speed range and scenarios, delivering high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption for global users who care about environmental protection.

As L.E.M.O.N. DHT boasts the advantages of stronger power, more comfort, reduced NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), and lower fuel consumption, many GWM’s new vehicles will be built on this technology in the future, resulting in remarkable improvements in performance. Taking the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 as an example, the powertrain of the new vehicle consists of a 1.5L turbocharged engine and a 130 kW motor, and delivers a combined power output of 179 kW (243 hp) and a combined torque of 530 N·m so that it requires less response time than the 2nd Gen HAVAL H6. The second-generation wet dual-clutch transmission for the powertrain offers higher transmission efficiency, faster dynamic response, and stronger acceleration capacity. With dual-motor series-parallel hybrid technology, the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 reduces fuel consumption to 6.6L/100 km from 6.9L/100km, fuel consumption of the 2nd Gen HAVAL H6, resulting in a 14.5% increase in fuel efficiency, and achieves both fuel efficiency and strong power. The 3rd Gen HAVAL H6, with dimensions of 4,653*1,886*1,730 mm (L*W*H), is 38 mm longer, 26 mm wider and 10 mm higher than the 2nd Gen HAVAL H6. A larger body means more space, which will provide more comfort for different family members and meet their different needs. Moreover, L.E.M.O.N. DHT helps to reduce NVH to a minimum, creating a pleasant driving environment for users.

Hybrid technology is an important cornerstone that supports GWM’s globalization strategy and a clear manifestation of GWM’s R&D capabilities. Over the years, GWM has been committed to independent R&D, setting high quality standards, and promoting product upgrades through core technologies. GWM also attaches great importance to personalized experience to meet the diversified demands of users throughout the world. In the future, GWM will make unremitting efforts in technological innovation to promote industrial transformation and offer global users with high-tech driving experience.

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