His wounds sprout Wheat…Ali Mohsen example to be followed in determination

Hama- “Terrorists did not know that when they targeted my body in a car bomb, they bombed the springs of my energy and strength as my iron leg has become as a hundred legs and the four bullets they fired at me sprouted wheat spikes”, Army wounded, colonel Ali Mohsen, said.

Meeting with SANA reporter, Mohsen, who is one of the Syrian Arab Army’s heroes, added that June 8th coincides the fifth anniversary of his injury while he was facing terrorist organizations.

“This date is considered as the earthquake that turned my life over and became a turning point as it granted me much more determination and strength that I have never had before,” he said.

“Today I am standing up while harvesting my wheat crop with all hope and steadfastness”, Mohsen added, stressing his continuous journey of work and productivity in his agriculture land located in Bshennen village in Masyaf countryside where his agricultural activities vary between producing potatoes, wheat and apples and livestock breeding.

Mohsen embodies a successful and unique example of the war- wounded to follow as the injuries did not affect his determination and will, rather they increased him strength to play his role in supporting his community and reconstructing the homeland.

The achievements of Mohsen, who lost one of his legs while he was carrying out his national duty in confronting the terrorist organizations, were not limited to distinguished agricultural and productive activities, rather he is the owner of influential charitable, service and community contributions and initiatives aiming at improving the service and environmental and agricultural situation in his village and other towns.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)