Inspiring Women’s Healthcare: Mindray Unveils Nuewa I9, a New OB/GYN Diagnostic Ultrasound System

SHENZHEN, China, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, has introduced the Nuewa I9, its latest cart-based ultrasound system and tailored solution for Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN). Committed to inspiring women’s healthcare, Mindray’s Nuewa I9 elevates scanning capacity to new levels by combining innovative design and exceptional imaging quality with the latest technologies.

Inspiring Women’s Healthcare: Mindray Unveils Nuewa I9, a New OB/GYN Diagnostic Ultrasound System

“Nuewa I9 offers an unrivaled ultrasound scanning experience in its class. Each feature and innovation have been deliberately designed to address the daily challenges of OB/GYN clinicians. The result is a full-stack smart solution for extraordinarily efficient care, which covers the entire continuum from pre-pregnancy to obstetrics and post-partum,” said He Xujin, General Manager of Mindray Imaging System Division.

Nuewa I9 boasts a well-thought-out design for the ultimate convenience. Its foldable height and compact body allow the system to easily pass through doors for quick access across departments. Meanwhile, the breakthrough exam-specific iConsole control panel is optimized to adapt to different clinical scenarios, and its E-ink keys can be easily customized for the most frequently used functions.

The entire solution is powered by Mindray’s revolutionary ZST+ platform, which overcomes traditional trade-off limitations to deliver exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements. Nuewa I9 is also packed with automated tools to improve workflow and efficiency in women’s and neonatal care, such as Smart-VTrace, Smart Pelvic and Smart Hip.

One of the biggest innovations featured in Mindray’s Nuewa I9 is Smart Scene 3D, a scenario-oriented volume scan technique that enables the automatic identification of tissue characteristics and provides an organ-specific diagnosis. The technology supports the whole examination procedure starting with auto clinical scenario identification, then harnesses automation at every point from imaging optimization to plane acquisition, quantification, and the creation of an automated workflow. As a result, Nuewa I9 alleviates the workload of manual operation; reduces scanning time for individual patients; and delivers a truly easy, accurate and fast diagnosis.

Nuewa I9 also makes 3D/4D interactions extremely intuitive with reduced knob adjustments. Clinicians need only to click and choose their desired effect for different application scenarios, such as Routine, iLive, Bone, Tissue, and Follicle. Preset imaging settings have been integrated in the system for optimal volume imaging effects, and support ease of use in every possible clinical scenario for OB/GYN.

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