Irish journalist: Presidential elections in Syria were a resounding success

Dublin, SANA- Irish journalist Finian Cunningham said that the presidential elections in Syria achieved a “resounding success” after 10 years of the brutal war that the United States and its NATO partners imposed on Syria.

The Irish journalist affirmed in a comment published by Sputnik in English that the Syrians refused to be subjugated after years of NATO-backed terrorism in their country and chose their president of their own free will.

He added that the Syrian people remain defiant and independent after a decade-long grueling hardships in confronting terrorist mercenaries who have been secretly deployed as well as overt aggression by NATO military forces attacking Syria illegally in addition to the harsh economic sanctions war.

Cunningham said that despite all the hardships Syria has witnessed, the Syrian people turned out in droves to vote as the turnout exceeded 78 percent in the elections, and Dr. Bashar al-Assad was elected President of the Republic.

The Irish journalist and writer added that the results of the presidential elections in Syria were an astonishing and amazing achievement that refutes all the Western-Turkish narratives and fatwas targeting the Syrian leadership.

Cunningham stressed the failure of Western governments, their media and their servile companies to influence this epic popular Syrian demonstration and to create additional fabrications to their nefarious intrigues against Syria and its people, which forced the Western media to remain silent in the face of the election results.

The Irish writer concluded by saying: “If there is any justice prevailing in this world, Western politicians should be tried for committing war crimes.”

He added that the United States, Britain, France and other NATO powers, prior to the Syrian presidential elections, tried to distort the Syrian democratic will, and they claimed that the election process is neither fair nor free. However, the large numbers of Syrians who went out to vote and the subsequent scenes of jubilation throughout Syria confirm the lies of Western propaganda and reveal the criminality of the NATO forces and their misleading Media outlets.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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