LUCY Security presents revolutionary Email Threat Screener and Arabic awareness content at GISEC in Dubai

Right in time for GISEC, LUCY presents a milestone in email thread analysis, the new Email Threat Screener. Furthermore, the range of Arabic training content has been expanded significantly: Close to 50 training and phishing simulation templates are now available in Arabic language and Look & Feel.

ZUG, Switzerland, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Swiss company LUCY Security, one of the largest providers of IT security awareness training with over 11,000 installations worldwide and over 23 million trained users, will be exhibiting at GISEC in Dubai, presenting its latest new features of the LUCY Cybersecurity Awareness Platform.

The LUCY Platform
LUCY allows organizations to measure and improve the security awareness of employees and test their IT defenses. Build a human firewall with simulated attacks and LUCY’s E-Learning platform with hundreds of preconfigured and customizable videos, training, and quizzes ready for usage.

The event
GISEC will provide an in-person meeting point for the cybersecurity ecosystem from 31st May-2nd June at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). LUCY is presenting the brand-new version of its award-winning cybersecurity awareness solution at stand number SS1-C10.

The new E-Mail Threat Screener
LUCY’s new Email Threat Scanner drastically reduces the time to detect an ongoing attack and it decreases the false-positive rate of alerts resulting in a significant work decrease for your security analyst in the management and triage of reported incidents.

Arabic Language Content available
LUCY supports more than 30 languages including close to 50 templates and multiple videos in Arabic language.

Price and availability
The new version of LUCY Security Cybersecurity Awareness Platform is available via this download: All commercial editions of LUCY Security are listed in this price list.

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