Miami International Holdings Reports May 2021 Trading Results, MIAX Exchange Group Sets New Market Share Records

PRINCETON, N.J., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Miami International Holdings, Inc. today reported May 2021 trading results for its U.S. exchange subsidiaries – MIAX®, MIAX Pearl® and MIAX Emerald® (together, the MIAX Exchange Group™) and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX).

The MIAX Exchange Group reported a number of new volume and market share records for multi-list options trading including a 16.56% market share record on May 28, 2021 and a monthly market share record of 14.71% in May 2021. In addition, the MIAX Options Exchange reported a record 1-day total contract volume of 3,094,601 on May 28, 2021 and a record 42,859,476 contracts traded in May 2021.

In U.S. options, the MIAX Exchange Group collectively executed over 99.6 million multi-listed options contracts for a combined average daily volume (ADV) of 4,984,909 contracts, representing a total U.S. multi-listed options market share of 14.71%, representing an increase of 235 basis points from May 2020.

In U.S. equities, MIAX Pearl Equities™ executed 565,296,056 shares.

In U.S. futures, MGEX executed 261,078 contracts, the best May volume total in MGEX history and 44.4% higher than the prior record total reported in May 2018.  Total volume through May reached 1,371,447 contracts, a 24.0% increase from the same period in 2020, while open interest totaled 93,610 contracts on May 31, 2021, an increase of 18.0% from May 2020.  SPIKES® futures volume reached a record 4,256 contracts in May 2021.

Multi-Listed Options Trading Volume for

 MIAX Exchange Group, Current Month

Year-to-Date Comparison
Multi-Listed Options Contracts May-21 May-20 % Chg. Apr-21 % Chg. May-21 May-20 % Chg.
Trading Days 20 20 21 102 103
U.S. Multi-Listed Options Industry 677,836,592 511,622,104 32.5% 674,204,936 0.5% 3,795,275,392 2,597,965,368 46.1%
MIAX Exchange Group 99,698,170 63,216,613 57.7% 95,374,791 4.5% 518,330,920 299,248,499 73.2%
MIAX 42,859,476 26,091,147 64.3% 39,922,649 7.4% 188,409,968 116,474,567 61.8%
MIAX Pearl 37,559,901 24,860,957 51.1% 35,721,054 5.1% 194,952,431 122,380,963 59.3%
MIAX Emerald 19,278,793 12,264,509 57.2% 19,731,088 -2.3% 134,968,521 60,392,969 123.5%
Multi-Listed Options ADV May-21 May-20 % Chg. Apr-21 % Chg. May-21 May-20 % Chg.
U.S. Multi-Listed Options Industry 33,891,830 25,581,105 32.5% 32,104,997 5.6% 37,208,582 25,222,965 47.5%
MIAX Exchange Group 4,984,909 3,160,831 57.7% 4,541,657 9.8% 5,081,676 2,905,325 74.9%
MIAX 2,142,974 1,304,557 64.3% 1,901,079 12.7% 1,847,157 1,130,821 63.3%
MIAX Pearl 1,877,995 1,243,048 51.1% 1,701,003 10.4% 1,911,298 1,188,165 60.9%
MIAX Emerald 963,940 613,225 57.2% 939,576 2.6% 1,323,221 586,340 125.7%
Multi-Listed Options Market Share for

MIAX Exchange Group, Current Month

Year-to-Date Comparison
Multi-Listed Options Market Share May-21 May-20 % Chg. Apr-21 % Chg. May-21 May-20 % Chg.
MIAX Exchange Group 14.71% 12.36% 19.0% 14.15% 4.0% 13.66% 11.52% 18.6%
MIAX 6.32% 5.10% 24.0% 5.92% 6.8% 4.96% 4.48% 10.7%
MIAX Pearl 5.54% 4.86% 14.0% 5.30% 4.6% 5.14% 4.71% 9.0%
MIAX Emerald 2.84% 2.40% 18.6% 2.93% -2.8% 3.56% 2.32% 53.0%
Equities Trading Volume for

MIAX Pearl Equities, Current Month

Year-to-Date Comparison
Equities Shares (millions) May-21 May-20 % Chg. Apr-21 % Chg. May-21 May-20 % Chg.
Trading Days 20 N/A N/A 21 102 N/A N/A
U.S. Equities Volume – Industry 212,728 N/A N/A 207,994 2.3% 1,314,390 N/A N/A
MIAX Pearl Volume 565 N/A N/A 452 25.1% 2,488 N/A N/A
MIAX Pearl ADV 28 N/A N/A 22 31.3% 24 N/A N/A
MIAX Pearl Market Share 0.27% N/A N/A 0.22% 22.3% 0.19% N/A N/A
Futures & Options Trading Volume for

MGEX, Current Month

Year-to-Date Comparison
Futures & Options


May-21 May-20 % Chg. Apr-21 % Chg. May-21 May-20 % Chg.
Trading Days 20 20 21 102 103
MGEX Volume 261,078 134,909 93.5% 322,207 -19.0% 1,371,447 1,106,310 24.0%
MGEX ADV 13,054 6,745 93.5% 15,343 -14.9% 13,446 10,741 25.2%

May 2021 Market Share and Volume Records:

 MIAX Options MIAX Exchange Group Multi-Listed Options Records
Single Day Market Share 16.56% May 28, 2021
Monthly Market Share 14.71% May 2021
 MIAX Options MIAX Multi-Listed Options Records
Single Day Volume 3,094,601 May 28, 2021
Monthly Volume 42,859,476 May 2021

May 2021 operational achievements and announcements include:


  • Announced the successful first day of trading in Corporate Tax Rate Futures on May 24, 2021. The cash-settled futures contracts are listed on MGEX via the CME Globex® platform and cleared by MGEX. Corporate Tax Futures are based on the SIL U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Index (CTAX) developed by SIG Index Licensing, LLC. The index is published and distributed by Bloomberg each day at 9:00 a.m. ET.
  • Announced that the Bermuda Stock Exchange, a wholly owned subsidiary of MIH, has joined the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative as a Partner Exchange. The SSE initiative is a peer-to-peer learning platform for exploring how exchanges can enhance corporate transparency on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues and encourage sustainable investment.

For further information regarding MIAX, please visit or contact MIAX Trading Operations at

Corporate Communications Contacts:

Andy Nybo, SVP, Chief Communications Officer
(609) 955-2091

Natalie Kay, Karma Agency

About MIAX
MIAX’s parent holding company, Miami International Holdings (MIH), operates and manages Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC (MIAX®), MIAX Pearl, LLC (MIAX Pearl®) and MIAX Emerald, LLC (MIAX Emerald® and together with MIAX and MIAX Pearl, the MIAX Exchange Group™), the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, LLC, a Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO), and the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

The MIAX, MIAX Pearl and MIAX Emerald options exchanges leverage MIAX’s industry-leading technology and infrastructure to provide their member firms with traditional pricing and pro rata allocation (MIAX), maker-taker pricing and price-time allocation (MIAX Pearl) market structures, and a hybrid market structure with maker-taker pricing and pro rata allocation (MIAX Emerald).

MIAX serves as the exclusive exchange venue for cash-settled options on the SPIKES® Volatility Index (Ticker: SPIKE), a measure of the expected 30-day volatility in the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY).

Under MIAX Pearl’s exchange license, MIAX Pearl Equities™ provides its members with best-in-class performance through a combination of high determinism, low latency and high throughput. MIAX Pearl Equities has maker-taker pricing and a price-time allocation model.

MGEX was established in 1881 and is the only market for Hard Red Spring Wheat (HRSW), SPIKES Futures, National Corn Index (NCI), National Soybean Index (NSI), Hard Red Winter Wheat Index (HRWI), Hard Red Spring Wheat Index (HRSI), and Soft Red Winter Wheat Index (SRWI) futures and options, as well as for HRSW calendar spread options (CSOs). In addition, MGEX provides DCM, DCO and cash market services to business partners in an array of asset classes. MGEX is also a Notice Registered Securities Future Product Exchange with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

MIAX’s executive offices and National Operations Center are located in Princeton, NJ, with additional offices located in Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, and Hamilton, Bermuda.

To learn more about MIAX visit

To learn more about MGEX visit

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