Mikdad: Syrian-Russian relations deep on all political and parliamentary levels

Damascus- Foreign and Expatriates’ Minister, Faysal Mikdad, described as deep the relations between Syria and Russia on all political and parliamentary levels.

Mikdad, during a meeting with members of the Russian Federation delegation which inspected the presidential election process, pointed out to the wide participation of Syrian citizens, whether at Syrian embassies abroad or at Homeland.

He added that the wide participation shows the Syrians’ commitment to the present and future of their homeland and their willingness to contribute to the future of their country, its stability and prosperity.

Dmitry Sablin , member of the Russian State Duma, affirmed that the two most important elements in any elections are freedom and secrecy, and in light of keeping up with the electoral process “ we have seen commitment to these two elements.”

He stressed the importance of parliamentary diplomacy, particularly the Russian delegation that accompanied the Syrian elections represents all spectrums of the Russian society and will convey its impressions about the fair and legitimate electoral process that will have positive echoes in Russia.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)