Mrs. Asma al-Assad visits Center for transplanting blood stem cells and the Cell therapy for children

Damascus-Mrs. Asma al-Assad visited on Monday the center for transplanting blood stem cells and the Cell therapy for children. The Center, the first of its kind, comes as a fruit of 15 years of work and efforts despite blockade on the country.




Mrs. Asma inspected the final preparations to launch the center during the coming weeks, accompanied by Minister of Higher Education, Bassam Ibrahim.


The Center treats children infected with blood cancer, some solid cancers, hereditary blood diseases and the Primary immunodeficiency disorders.


It is equipped with the up-to-date medical technologies with adopting the highest technical standards that guarantee the best degrees of protection, disinfection and the safety of the child and the success of medical surgeries.


Mrs. Asma, in a speech to supervisors of the center, representatives of the ministries and sides concerned, said that nothing is impossible when we have the Will, and with tireless efforts by different sides “We found solutions, removed the blockade and approached the opening of the first center for transplanting blood stem cells in Syria.”


She added “Certainly, this center is a new hope for the children and their families and a new prospect for the treatment of cancer in Syria, and during my tour in the center, it was clear that the center has been able to agree with the international standards of similar centers… I am happy that the center was able to impose the medical isolation without imposing social isolation with the presence of the mother with her child during the time of treatment.”


“All that calls for optimism in the future of child cancer treatment in Syria, but in order to make this optimism in the right place, we shouldn’t see this center as a separated unit from the other basic elements.”  Mrs. Asma said.


“If we complete the work with the same way as one teamwork, with the same will and determination, we will be able to have success, and we should succeed because the difference between success and failure is the same as the difference between pain and recovery, and between life and death,” Mrs. Asma added.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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