Palestinian Ahmad Jibril continues his hunger strike in protest against US and Turkish violations of Syrian territories

Damascus- Palestinian citizen Ahmed Jibril, continued for the fourth day in a raw his hunger strike before the office of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Damascus in protest against the US and Turkish occupation of Syrian territories and their theft of Syrian resources.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Jibril clarified that his hunger strike aims at demanding the lifting of the unjust siege imposed on the Syrian people as soon as possible, referring to the grave violations of the US and Turkish occupations to Syrian territories, saying “US and Turkish occupations are stealing the Syrian resources of fuel, wheat and other resources and at the same time calling for sending aids to the Syrian people”.

Jibril pointed out that he is carrying out his strike as an Arab Palestinian citizen lives on the Syrian territories since 1990th and has always been dealt as if he is a Syrian citizen, adding that what he is doing is a very small part towards what the Syrian people, army and leadership have done for supporting the Palestinian cause which was the main reason behind launching the terrorist war against Syria.

He called on the Syrian youths to organise the events and participate in such kind of protests against the US, Turkish and Israeli violations.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)