Sinopec Builds China’s First Carbon-neutral Gas Station

CHANGZHOU, China, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Built by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, “Sinopec”), the Jiaze Gas Station located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province is now China’s first gas station to achieve carbon neutrality as its distributed photovoltaic power generation project (the “Project”) officially goes into operation recently. Comprehensively assessed by the authorities, […]

CHANGZHOU, China, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Built by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, “Sinopec”), the Jiaze Gas Station located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province is now China’s first gas station to achieve carbon neutrality as its distributed photovoltaic power generation project (the “Project”) officially goes into operation recently.

Sinopec Builds China’s First Carbon-neutral Gas Station in Jiangsu.

Comprehensively assessed by the authorities, the project can offset the power consumption of the station, and the carbon emission reduction can offset the carbon emissions, making this a  landmark achievement of great significance across the industry.

The Jiaze Gas Station Project adopts the model of “self generation for self usage with surplus power entering the grid,” achieving an uninterrupted switch with the State Grid. It uses photovoltaic power generation instead of coal-fired power generation and supplies surplus power externally while meeting the power demands of the station.

It is estimated that the annual power generation of the Project is 127,000 to 147,000 kWh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 91.2 to 105.6 tons. In 2020, the power consumption of the station was 99,000 kWh. Per the calculation based on the theoretical 25 year-life cycle of the photovoltaic power station, and in comparison with traditional thermal power projects, emissions of 3,800 tons of carbon dioxide, 116 tons of sulfur dioxide and 56 tons of nitrogen oxide can be reduced throughout the whole life cycle.


In addition, the Jiaze Gas Station has implemented a series of measures to reduce carbon emissions, including oil vapor recovery and sewage recovery and treatment, to promote the construction and development of carbon-neutral gas stations.

As China sets to achieve the target of reaching carbon emissions peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, Sinopec will unswervingly push towards reaching net zero emissions, centering on the vision of building a world-leading clean energy chemical company, accelerating energy transformation and industrial upgrading and actively constructing photovoltaic power generation stations. At present, Sinopec has established 160 photovoltaic power generation stations in the provinces of Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and more.

In the next five years, Sinopec will lay out 7,000 photovoltaic power generation stations, and Sinopec Jiangsu Oilfield Company plans to build 900 carbon-neutral gas stations. Sinopec aims to make ‘green and clean’ the calling card of the company through special models such as developing carbon-neutral gas stations and planting carbon-neutral forests.

Looking forward, Sinopec will accelerate the creation of an integrated energy service provider for ‘oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and non-oil services,’ promoting clean fossil energy, large-scale non-fossil energy and low-carbon production processes to ensure that we reach carbon emissions peak by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and make renewed contributions in response to global climate change as a responsible corporation.

About Sinopec

Sinopec Corp. is one of the largest integrated energy and chemical companies in China. Its principal operations include the exploration and production, pipeline transportation and sale of petroleum and natural gas; the sale, storage and transportation of petroleum products, petrochemical products, coal chemical products, synthetic fiber, fertilizer and other chemical products; the import and export, including an import and export agency business, of petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemical and chemical products, and other commodities and technologies; and research, development and application of technologies and information.

Sinopec sets ‘fueling beautiful life’ as its corporate mission, puts ‘people, responsibility, integrity, precision, innovation and win-win’ as its corporate core values, pursues strategies of value-orientation, innovation-driven development, integrated resource allocation, open cooperation, and green and low-carbon growth, and strives to achieve its corporate vision of building a world leading energy and chemical company.

For more information, please visit Sinopec.

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