Syria, Belarus to boost parliamentary ties

Damascus, SANA- Speaker of People’s Assembly, Hammouda Sabbagh, met a parliamentary delegation from the House of Representatives at the Belarusian National Assembly headed by chairman of the Permanent Committee of the State Building and Local Administration and Systems, Member of the Syrian –Belarusian friendship at the Belarusian House of Representatives.


Meeting with the delegation, Sabbagh thanked the Belarussian House of the Representatives for its response to an invitation to keep up with the presidential elections in Syria, indicating to the continuous development in the Belarusian –Syrian relations been enhanced throughout years.


Sabbagh called for intensifying the joint parliamentary work and enhancing the friendship and cooperation in addition to exchanging experiences through the two committees of the parliamentary friendship in both countries.


He referred to the Belarusian stances towards Syria as well as Belarus support for the just issues despite conspiracies the two countries have been exposed to by the forces hostile to the states’ sovereignty, unity and independent decision.


For his part, Head of the Belarusian delegation appreciated and thanked Syria for the invitation addressed to Belarus to keep up with the presidential elections in Syria.


He described the relation between Belarus and Syria as deeply- rooted, asserting that his country’s delegation, during the visit, will enhance the joint relations and remove all difficulties that may face their development and proceeding forward through coordination with the members of People’s Assembly.


Earlier, the Belarus parliamentary delegation arrived in Damascus to keep up with the presidential elections and to inspect its process in response to the People’s Assembly’s invitation.


Speaking to SANA delegate, Chairman of the permanent committee of the State Building and Local Administration and Regulations, Member of the Syrian-Belarussian Committee for Friendship, said that the delegation will visit on Wednesday many polling centres to inspect the process of the elections.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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