Syria condemns illegitimate entry of a Dutch and a French delegation into the Syrian territories in collusion with QSD militias

Damascus, SANA- Syria affirmed that the illegitimate entry of a Dutch and a French delegation into the Syrian territories in collusion with QSD militias ,and continuation of Turkish regime Turkification policy in the areas where its terrorist organizations are positioned ,constitute a flagrant violations of international law and a blatant attack on Syrian sovereignty.


An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that representatives of some countries involved in the war against Syria have carried out practices which constitute a flagrant violation of the international law, and a blatant attack on the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.


The statement said that a Dutch delegation headed by the so-called special envoy for the Syrian file, illegally entered the Syrian territory in collusion with QSD militias under the pretext of receiving a number of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists held by the militias.


The statement added that another French delegation from the Danielle Mitterrand Foundation and the Paris City Council, illegally visited Qamishli city in collusion with QSD militias as part of the direct French involvement in the aggression against Syria.


The statement indicated that in the framework of the brutal Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, the Turkish authorities demanded its forces which are working alongside the terrorist groups in Idleb province to establish a general secretariat for the civil registry in the province ,which directly reports those forces , and form local councils in cities, towns, and villages that are under the control of the terrorist groups.


The statement noted that the Turkish authorities also asked the withdrawal of personal identity and family cards issued by the authorities concerned in the Syrian Arab Republic and their replacement with Turkish cards.


“This represents the culmination of Turkification policy of the Turkish regime ,which will be rejected by the free Syrian citizens, just as our people in occupied Syrian Golan rejected the Israeli identity,” the statement said.


The statement pointed out that Syria expresses its categorical rejection and strong condemnation of these practices, and reiterates determination to extend the state’s sovereignty over all its territory and liberate them from Turkish, US, and other foreign occupation.


“Syria called on the International Community particularly UN and its organs to take the appropriate stance towards these practices ,which constitute a flagrant violation of the international law ,and to force the governments of those countries hostile to Syria to abandon its subversive policies aimed at impeding the return of security and stability to Syria ,” the statement said.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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