Syrian clans in Aleppo City: Supporting locals in Manbej against QSD criminal practices

Aleppo, The Syrian Arab clans in the city of Aleppo and its countryside have affirmed their support for the locals in the city of Manbej in the northern countryside of Aleppo, who came out to denounce the QSD militia which is affiliated with the US occupation, demanding its expulsion from their areas and to defend Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of the plans of the US occupation and its separatist militias.

In a statement, the Syrian Arab tribes in Aleppo called on the locals in the city of Manbej to continue their uprising in the face of the separatist QSD militia, which mortgaged itself to the plans of the American occupation and continued its violations and terrorist practices against the citizens in the city of Manbej and the surrounding areas, stressing their full support for the people in Manbej so that they obtain freedom and purify their city of this terrorist militia.

The statement stated, “Ten years have passed and our enemy have been hatching schemes against us in order to divide our land and take away our Arab Syrian identity, so that we would be dependent on it, but this enemy has forgotten that we believe in God and are proud of our homeland and are united around our leader.”

In its statement, the tribes called on the Syrians in Manbej to fulfill their uprising with all the Syrian Arab tribes and clans to support them and stand with them with whatever is necessary.

The Syrian Arab clans concluded their statement by emphasizing that “any agreement made by the separatists at the expense of the pure blood of our martyrs with any party that claims to represent a clan is a worthless agreement as these mercenaries represent only themselves because we are the Syrian tribes and clans, our word is one and our position is one.”


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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