The Ingredients of VIVAIA: Reviews from Free Trial Campaign

MIAMI, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What features attract a customer to a footwear brand? To hear more feedback and suggestions from customers, the women’s eco-friendly footwear brand VIVAIA launched the Free Trial Campaign on March 12, 2021, and received 500 reviews from product testers.


Sustainability is becoming a trend in the footwear industry as environmental concerns are increasingly top-of-mind for customers. According to VIVAIA’s Free Trial Campaign reviews, around 92% of testers suggested that ‘sustainable’ becomes one of the major attractions of this brand.

As an eco-friendly brand, VIVAIA sticks to recycled plastic bottles from the ocean to make shoes with zero-waste 3D knit technology. More than 1,100,000 plastic bottles have been recycled by VIVAIA so far.


‘VIVAIA’s knit technology made their shoes so comfortable, and are well made and breathable. There’s no chafing because of the seamless design, the shoe adapts perfectly to the feet and the process of walking is quite pleasant because of the cushion-comfy insoles,’ said @mihaelaa88, one of the product testers in this campaign.

‘Comfortable’ was mentioned in 89% of reviews, which is the key factor for customers to choose a pair of shoes or a brand. Because of the pandemic restriction, most of the customers are not able to take activities like before. A pair of comfortable and easily slip-on shoes would be a better choice for daily life. In this situation, VIVAIA has improved the wearing experience of their shoes by adjusting the shapes and materials.


The variety of shoes shapes and colors has always been a characteristic of VIVAIA. ‘These shoes are the perfect footwear for any activity or occasion! They work well with casual or dressed-up looks as they’re very versatile in appearance,’ said @flourishcat, the product tester of VIVAIA.

As the keyword, ‘Versatile’ has been repeated in the reviews. In this campaign, the brand provided testers with more than 10 styles which include heels, sandals, mules, sneakers, and flats. More than 70% of testers think everyone can discover the pair of shoes to suit their lifestyle in VIVAIA.

Convenience, comfort, and practicality are always significant parts of VIVAIA’s design. With the Free Trial Campaign, the brand collected feedback and suggestions for product improvement. They also intended to invite more people to participate in their environmental protection progress.

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