Two ballot boxes in liberated town of Bassimeh, Damascus Countryside

Damascus- Information Minister Imad Sarah has affirmed that the Syrian citizens are adhered to their land and homeland and do not allow anyone to encroach on their sovereignty, and that the influx of citizens to polling stations to cast their votes in the presidential elections in the provinces, and what we had previously seen in many Syrian embassies in the world, confirms the love of the Syrian citizens for the soil of their homeland as well as the depth of their affiliation and solid national values.

Minister Sarah indicated in a statement to reporters at the Media Center at the Ministry of Information that the large number of Syrians casting their votes in the ballot boxes bears many national and political meanings and connotations, adding that “the citizens said their word with the failure of attempts to influence their will and convictions, such as attempts to intimidate, mislead and starve them through terrorism or through the coercive economic measures and the so-called Caesar Act imposed on them.”

In response to a question about the services provided by the media center, Minister of Information noted that the number of reporters who requested to keep up with the elections and came to Syria reached 125 from many countries, including the United States, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Denmark and Austria, in addition to the correspondents in Syria who have been accredited by the Information Ministry, who represent Western media, as the number of these agencies in Syria reached / 65 / represented by / 165 / media professionals with a total of about / 290 / media professionals covering and keeping pace with the presidential elections in Syria.

The Information Minister stressed that the ministry provided all logistical services to the media center to facilitate the work of Arab and foreign journalists, and their movement was facilitated, indicating that what is required only from these correspondents is professionalism, credibility, and conveying the true image as it is conveyed by the national media.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)