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25 Syrian TV series to be aired during Ramadan

Damascus, A total of 25 Syrian drama series are slated to be aired during Ramadan 2018 as popular soap operas that used to be a fixture during the holy month are off the airwaves.

Ramadan, a holy month when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, is an annual season that witnesses a flurry of TV shows and soap operas which draw wide viewership from across the Arab world.

In a symposium hosted by the Abu Remmaneh Cultural Center attended by representative of production companies and actors, journalist Wael Adas presented a lineup of the TV shows to be broadcast this year. Social drama takes the lead by fifty percent of this year's shows amid a decline in the number of Damascene period drama series and a notable resurgence of series dramatizing historical eras.

This year's shows keep up with recent social and military events and trends spawned by the crisis in Syria. A case in point is the TV series Wahm (Delusion) which tackles, within a social framework, the illegal immigration phenomenon, shedding light on its impacts on the Syrian youth.

The drama set in an Aleppian context marks a powerful comeback through a series called Rozana to be the first TV series shot in Aleppo after liberating it from terrorists. The series portrays the suffering of a family from Aleppo which terrorism sent moving to Damascus.

Wahdon (Only Them) sets a precedent by bringing together 45 female personas. The show approaches the crisis indirectly by bringing out the humanity inside people. The series which fits into the magical realism genre is about a group of women who live on their own in a village deserted by men. Left to their own devices, the women take on extra burdens managing their lives in the absence of men.

Fawda (Chaos) indirectly relies on the current events as a plot, cautiously avoiding the slide into documentation and chronicling. Set in Damascus neighborhoods which turned into slums over time, this state of chaos is reflected in the webs of social, economic and ethical relations, thus seeking to instill a state of enlightenment in the viewers.

WaKwaK is a dark comedy series of the type of shows that raise questions on the mindset in the Arab world. The show sparks comparisons with previous works that won wide popularity such as Deia Dayaa and al-Kherbeh.

Its events inspired by a famous play called Raya and Sakina but set in a Damascene setting, Wardeh Shamiyyeh (Damascene Rose) is a work revolving around a chain of adventures of two sisters Wardeh and Jorieh which are fraught with danger and manslaughter, punctuated with comic sparks.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency