Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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4 Jordanian Police Officers Killed in Clashes with Militants

Four police officers were killed Tuesday in clashes with Islamist militants while raiding a village in southern Jordan, several media outlets reported.

Eleven people were injured in the clashes. Early reports did not specify how many assailants were killed.

The attack took place near Karak, where gunmen killed 10 people in a shootout two days earlier. A house raided in the village Tuesday was thought to be connected to the four gunmen responsible for Sunday's attack.

Earlier Tuesday, Islamic State claimed responsibility for Sunday's attacks.

In Sunday's incident, gunmen stormed a 12th-century castle, apparently seeking refuge in one of the country's most popular tourist attractions after having shot and killed a number of civilians elsewhere in the mountainous city of 70,000 residents.

Such attacks are rare in Jordan, considered one of the most stable countries in the Middle East.

Jordan is participating in the U.S.-led air war against IS extremists in Syria and Iraq, despite measurable Jordanian civilian opposition to the air campaign.

Source: Voice of America