4th Aleppo Arab tribes forum rejects all occupation forms, affirms Syrian soil unity

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Aleppo, SANA- The participants at the 4th Forum of Arab Tribes, Clans and National Elites held in Aleppo on Tuesday reiterated their adherence to the principles that assure Syrian territories unity and sovereignty, rejecting all forms of foreign occupation of any part of it, and standing by the Syrian Arab Army and its leadership.

“Syria is a united land and people with one flag, one army and one leader, President Bashar al-Assad. Syria is for its free people who are defenders of its dignity, borders and flag and who adhere to its unity not to the occupier’s agents who are the owners of separatist Takfiri projects.” the final statement of the forum read.

The statement added that the participants in the forum condemn all forms of support for the division and separation forces that are agents of the occupier, and they call on all foreign forces present in illegitimate way on Syrian land and without coordination with the Syrian state to leave.

“We reject any form of Turkish interference in our country under any pretext, and we will stand against it with all the honorable Syrians. We also reject establishing the so called “safe zone” and remind the separatists and their agent militias that the Syrian al-Jazeera has been throughout history a home for all Syrian tribes and people, and it has never been for history forgers and mental patients infected with separation illness”, the statement went on to say.

The participants, through the statement, refused the dividing projects under the name “self-autonomy” aimed at looting the Syrian national resources, stressing that they will resist all those separatist followers and their masters and will victory over them till restoring al- Jazeera to its state and loyal sons, inspired by the heroism of the Syrian Army.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)