6th batch of terrorists leave towns of eastern Ghouta to Idleb


New convoy of buses carrying more terrorists and their families from Jobar, Zamalka, Erbin, and Ein Tarma left on Thursday evening through Erbin corridor to Idleb.

SANA correspondent to Erbin Corridor said that 128 buses carrying 7003 persons, including 1243 terrorists from Jobar, Zamalka, Erbin and Ein Tarma in eastern Ghouta headed for Idleb under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

The Correspondent added that the evacuation of the terrorists and their families from these towns will continue till evacuating all terrorists who reject the national reconciliation and clearing the eastern Ghouta of all armed manifestations to pave the way for the maintenance workshops to enter the area and to restore the state institutions in it.

On Wednesday, 89 buses carrying 5290 persons, including 1374 terrorists headed for Idleb; thus the number of terrorists who were evacuated from Jobar, Zamalka, Erbin and Ein Tarma increased to become 24889 .

The submission of the terrorists and their exit out of the towns and villages in the Eastern Ghouta came after the successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in its wide-scale military operations which started in the middle of the last month as it has been able to cut the supply routes of the terrorist organizations and to divide the areas where they are positioned.

Procedures to evacuate the 6th batch of terrorists from Jobar, Zamalka, Erbin and Ein Tarma started early on Thursday morning as buses were gathered at Erbin corridor.

The Syrian Arab Army units last Monday freed 28 abductees who were held by the armed groups in the central part of eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

Last Friday, the city of Harasta was declared free of terrorism after the militants and their families, who reject reconciliation, were evacuated from the city in implementation of an agreement on evacuating militants from Harasta to Idleb.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency