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A creative contemporary vision at Osama Jahjah’s exhibition Passion

Damascus� The exhibition Passion, held at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus, presents the outcomes of three years of research and work by artist Osama Jahjah who used diverse drawing techniques to convey his thoughts.

28 paintings of medium and large sizes shed light on the humanitarian suffering of the Syrian people through a creative contemporary vision, the mix of collage, oil and acrylic techniques and the use of different materials such as fabrics, strass, accessories, digital prints to create them.

The feminine symbolism was clearly represented in his works showing the physical but also inner beauty of woman.

Attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition which came within the framework of celebrating the Culture Ministry Day, Minister of Culture Mohammed al-Ahmad underlined that the exhibition stemmed its importance from taking the female as its main theme through which he explored other worlds and traveled back into memories and history.

In a statement to SANA, artist Jahjah said that this is his sixth solo show and put spotlight on his artistic experience which is mainly based on collage and the mix of many diverse techniques in one artwork with the aim of bringing together the past and modernity and illustrating the concept of contemporary art.

The main aim of holding the exhibition despite the hard conditions taking place in the country is to show the world that Syria will always remain the cradle of civilization, art and culture and able to rebuild hope out of the ashes of destruction, he added.

Jahjah noted that the female in his painting portrayed Damascus as a beautiful, steadfast and patient lady wearing turquoise carved earrings to protect herself against envy yet she failed to push destruction and harm away from her.

Born in Syria in 1972, Osama is one of the young artists whose works take a thoroughly new and different path from the classical painting. His goal is to fill the gap between the classical painting and the contemporary digital age. He participated at numerous exhibitions inside Syria and abroad.

The exhibition lasts till the 30th of November.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency