After holding it for 3 years, Israel turns over the body of a Palestinian killed by its forces to his family


The Israeli occupation military today turned over the body of Sufyan Nawwaf Khawaja, 20, to his family at a checkpoint in the central West Bank, three years after withholding the body, according to the WAFA correspondent.

Khawaja was shot dead by Israeli army gunfire on March 23, 2020 at the entrance to the town of Ni'lin, to the west of Ramallah. At the time, Israeli occupation soldiers blocked access of ambulances to the body, which has been withheld by Israel ever since.

Khawaja's body was turned over to the Palestinian Red Crescent at Ni'lin military checkpoint near Ramallah in the presence of his family and members of the Civil Affairs Authority. He will be buried later tomorrow in his hometown.

According to Palestinian reports, Israel is withholding the bodies of 103 Palestinians its forces have killed since 2015 or died in prison, including 10 minors, eight prisoners, and three women, as well as the corpses of 256 Palestinians killed in action since 1967 and buried at what is known as 'numbers cemetery' in the north of Israel. The graves are identified by numbers instead of the names of those buried there.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency