Agenda Show partners with droppTV to provide expanded and immersive show experiences

NEW YORK, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Agenda Show and droppTV are excited to announce a partnership to bring new capabilities to Agenda’s B2B fashion trade shows and B2C festivals. This partnership will provide retail buyers and consumers with a more immersive brand experience, and introduce an ecommerce platform, that enables shopping directly within any multimedia streaming content. droppTV is unifying streaming entertainment, commerce, and content – defining a new commercial paradigm: “shopatainment.”

Key features of the partnership will include: 

  • Expanded virtual and augmented reality capability that will extend the reach of Agenda’s live events, providing new onsite experiences and expanding access to brands that are not able to be physically present
  • An opportunity for Agenda’s exhibiting brands to collaborate with music talent and influencers by integrating with dropp’s platform, and engage in a new and authentic ecommerce experience through streaming media
  • Augmented reality experiences at Agenda’s August events in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, showcase the power of the collaboration and provide a hybrid experience during the in-person events
  • New artists and brand collaborations will be showcased at the live events and the latest music videos to be released across the droppTV platform
  • First-of-its-kind activations on the Agenda floor bringing to life culture, lifestyles and fashion experiences

About Agenda:

Agenda ( has a long-established reputation as one of the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show brands in the world. Since 2003, Agenda has been a destination for brands and retailers to converge in a creatively staged and authentic event environment. Agenda is owned and operated by AZTQ Corporation ( AZTQ corporation, based in Toronto, offers capabilities ranging from exhibition management to live event design and production, delivering impactful experiences for clients and attendees.

About droppTV:

droppTV ( is a shoppable streaming platform at the intersection of music, culture, fashion, and celebrity that empowers artists to create virtual pop-up shops in their music videos so they can sell their own merchandise, limited-edition and luxury streetwear apparel. It is the future of content-driven commerce, taking traditional retail and video models and fusing them to create something new to reach the hypebeast hungry consumer driven by a “See it. Want it. Buy it.” impulse. droppTV is a haven for both artists and brands to reach their respective communities and build hype with integrity through limited supply hypebeast “dropps.”

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