Al- Jaafari : Presidential election process is constitutional entitlement

Damascus- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Bashar al-Jafaari, affirmed that conducting Presidential election process as scheduled is a national sovereign decision and a constitutional entitlement which is not subjected to any external pressure or blackmail.

Al-Jaafari, meeting a delegation of Egyptian political analysts and journalists, who are on a visit to Syria to keep up with the Presidential election process, said the election process is an indication to Syrians’ adherence to their independent national decision and refusal to attempts of forces hostile to Syria that aim to affect its sovereignty and independence.

For their part, members of the delegation hailed the democratic atmospheres of this constitutional national entitlement, underlining that Syria has always been the owner of the key role at the regional and international policy and has the central role at the Arab region.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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