Al-Moallem: Future of relations with Russia promising.. Borisov: Syria is subjected to economic blockade.. Lavrov: war on terrorism in Syria to continue


Damascus-Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Walid Al-Moallem said that the Russian delegation held a fruitful meeting with president Bashar al-Assad that covered various domains of bilateral cooperation and the political situation in Syria and the region.

Al-Moallem added at a press conference with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that the future of relations with friends in Russia is promising and hopeful in regards to the economic and political  situation in the country .

Al-Moallem added that the next constitution is an affair of what would be reached by members of the committee of Discussing the Constitution, affirming that whether the  constitution was a new one or an amendment,  it would be put for a Popular referendum to have the widest representation.

He said “ our economic relations grow and develop in the interests of both Syrian and Russian peoples and we are optimistic that the general economic situation will be improved in the coming months.”

Al- Moallem stressed that the discussion on the constitution will continue until an understanding among members of committee of discussing the constitution is reached and it has no relation with the presidential elections which will be run on time  next year.

In a response to a question about an agreement signed in Moscow between the People’s Will Party and so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, al-Moallem said “ in brief, we don’t support any agreement which disagrees with the Syrian constitution.” In this regard, Lavrov asserted that Russia provided a platform to all Syrian political forces and the agreement has been made without the participation of Russia.

Borisov, for his part,  said “we held a constructive and useful talks with Prime Minister and discussed with him means of enhancing the trade and economic cooperation, scientific and cultural communication.”

He affirmed that Russia and Syria are linked by partnership and friendly relations in various domains, adding “ we  spare no effort to  translate the distinguished  relations and successes in the military and political domains into the domain of   economic and trade cooperation and we are working with all activities in the framework of Joint Syrian-Russian Committee.”

Borisov pointed out that the new draft agreement on expanding  commercial , industrial and economic cooperation between Syria and Russia covers more than forty new projects , including the reconstruction of energy and infrastructure,  in addition to the reconstruction of a number of Hydroelectricity stations.

On his part, Lavrov affirmed that the current visit is dedicated to discuss the future prospects of developing the Russian –Syrian relations and discussing the situation in Syria , region and the world .

He added that Syria gained victory,  by the support of Russia, in its war against the international terrorism and foreign forces that support them.

Lavrov said that the two sides discussed  the priorities of bilateral economic and commercial cooperation within the joint committee between the two countries.

He added that some countries attempt to pass their schemes in Syria by targeting Syrian people with sanctions.

Lavrov went on to say “ we reaffirmed our commitment to  sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, and our respect for the principle which affirms that the Syrians are the only ones to  decide the future of their country.

Lavrov said that all documents issued by Astana track and bilateral agreements stipulate  the commitment of Turkey and Russia to the territorial integrity of Syria.

In the same context, Lavrov said, “We discussed in details with president al- Assad the field situation on the ground and we found that there was a relatively calm situation and work should be done to consolidate this approach.

He added “Of course there are  differences among Moscow, Tehran  and Ankara stances towards the crisis in Syria, but what gathers these countries is the endeavor to prevent the scenario of Iraq and Libya from being repeated, and our work in the framework of Astana track depends on the inevitability of respecting Syrian sovereignty and independence, unity and territorial integrity and the importance of preventing any foreign side from interfering in the Syrian domestic  affairs  and any external incitement to separatist agendas, but the subject of the Presidential elections is  a sovereign decision.

Earlier, al-Moallem, who was the chairman of the Syrian side to the Syrian-Russian Joint Governmental Committee for economic, commercial, scientific and technical cooperation, met Borisov and Lavrov.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)