Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Al Shamsi during aid distribution in Tyre: Our support for Lebanon persists

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al-Shamsi, stressed Saturday that his country's support to Lebanon "is ongoing and will not stop," adding, "Our support to the Lebanese government regarding the Syrian refugees continues."

Al-Shamsi's words came as he was overseeing the distribution of aid from the UAE to Syrian refugees in the southern city of Tyre for the winter of 2018-2019, in cooperation with the Medrar Charity Association.

"Yesterday we were in the North, today in the South, in Tyre, and tomorrow we will be in the Bekaa and Beirut, and the aid is humanitarian for everyone. We are distributing 1,000 food portions to displaced Syrians in cooperation with the Medrar Association, and our collaboration continues with this trustworthy Association and its responsible officials," said Al-Shamsi.

"What we are doing is the duty of brethrens towards one another, namely the UAE aid project for the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian brethrens. In this aid, there is no politicization, and therefore UAE's assistance knows no religion, sect, color or form, and our support for Lebanon continues," vowed the UAE Ambassador.

In turn, Medrar Association Representative in Tyre, Ali Jabaq, thanked the United Arab Emirates for its valued aid, noting that a thousand food shares were distributed today to displaced Syrians and some needy families in Tyre and its surrounding region in the appreciated presence of the UAE Ambassador.

Source: National News Agency