Monday, December 16, 2019
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Alleith port plans construction on 43 million square meters

Work is under way in Alleith in the southern coastal area to relieve port congestions of the Western Province, according to an official at Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP). The source adds that cargo ships that are loaded with commercial goods and Umrah pilgrims have increased pressure on JIP.
The source said the next few days would witness growth in imports and commercial exchange, which call for finding a way to relieve traffic congestions at JIP, and the establishment of a new port in the southern coastal area.
The land allocated for the project has been defined and sealed, the source added.
The General Port Authority has started sealing the location of the new port in Alleith, which is located in Haffar center south of the governorate. The port will be built over a 43 million square meter area. Jeddah municipality has approved the location of the project, Hani Abu Ras said, adding that the port will take an economic and cultural leap in the governorate during the coming years.
Omar Al-Zahrani, mayor Al-Shawaq, which is located to the south of Alleith Governorate, stated that the land allocated to Alleith extends from Haffar town in the south to Salam Al-Zawahir village, north of Haffar center.
Al-Zahrani said the port will be suitable for large commercial and cargo ships. The basic value of the port lies in developing the area it is built on and employing Saudi citizens. It will contribute to the growth of area’s population, build factories, and strengthen the developmental niche of Saudi ports, which in turn develops the economy and increases the Kingdom’s financial returns.
Alleith Gov. Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Qabba said the port would transform the governorate into an important economic area on the coast of the Red Sea. He added that the transformation will be followed by establishing a food city and large industrial areas. The port will operate on international, regional and local levels.
The port will serve JIP by transferring exported cars, ships with grain cargo, and general goods, as well as livestock ships to the new port.
Qunfudah mayor said the new port would serve Makkah, Baha, Qunfudah, Al-Aradiyat and a number of many other governorates and neighboring villages. It will create many job opportunities within the next few years.
He said the port would turn the governorate into an important economic area.