Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Ambassador Ala: Human Rights Council’s dealing with the state in Syria politicized

Geneva, -Syria's permanent envoy to the UN in Geneva Hussam al-Din Ala said on Tuesday that the Human Rights Council's dealing with the state in Syria in each session, since more than five years, has revealed an unprecedented case of provocation and politicization.

Ala, speaking at a session for the Human rights Council to listen to a briefing by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, said that some countries which have a black record of human rights' violation, call for holding special sessions for the council, and "formulate messages and decisions pretending their commitment to the rights of the Syrian people," while this contradicts their behavior and their endeavors to prolong crisis in Syria through supporting terrorism and seeking to obstruct the cessation of hostilities agreement.

"Credibility of the UN reports will remain incomplete as long as they are built on a political approach that distorts reality and ignores a war waged on Syria where terrorism is used as a tool to realize political goals," Ala said, calling for halting the exploitation of this Council and its mechanisms and recognizing that Syria fights a terrorism which targets the Syrian people.

He also called for recognizing the efforts of the Syrian state in providing the relief aid to the people in need and the role of the armed forces in confronting a terrorism supported by foreign sides.

Ambassador Ala affirmed Syria's rejection of the attempts to legitimize organizations that commit terrorist acts and name them as "moderate opposition" in the UN reports, and putting them equally with the legitimate government that practices its national duty in protecting its citizens from terrorism.

He stressed that the Syrian Arab army doesn't use random weapons in combating terrorism, nor it targets civilians, but it targets positions of terrorist groups which intimidate the civilians and take them as human shields in some regions.

"The denial of the Syrian government's efforts in facilitating the delivering of the relief aid, and escaping from recognition of the role of terrorism and the coercive procedures as a reason for the suffering of the Syrian people and a motive for migration are examples for politicizing the humanitarian situation in Syria," Ambassador Ala added.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency