The Campania Euro-Mediterranean Association held a seminar in Benevento, Italy, within the framework of the festival honoring the creators in its twelfth session, organized by the 'Marzani Award 'Association, sponsored by the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Italian Foreign Ministry and in cooperation with the Municipality of Benevento.

The seminar was attended by Lebanese Ambassador to Italy Mira Daher, Director of the National News Agency, Laure Suleiman, Director General of the Armenian News Agency, Aram Ananian, Editor-in-Chief of Zartonk Newspaper Sevak Agubian, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Campania Association, Anso Bertelli, in the presence of the Consul of Lebanon in Italy Marelle Salameh.


Speaking at the seminar, Bertelli delivered a welcoming speech, saying: We did a great job because collaborating with the media only shows us the truth of things and we understand how to behave towards people with whom we have a history of ties.


Talal Khreis then read a letter on behalf of the European Parliament Vice-President Fabio Castelli, saying: "We express Europe's interest in these initiatives that lay the foundations for dialogue and communication," stressing his support for this initiative, which he described as a "valuable initiative."

Word of the Municipality

Later, the representative of the Municipality of San Giorgio del Sanyo welcomed the participants and announced that "the municipal council will grant the Lebanese Ambassador to Lebanon Mira Daher and the Ambassador of Armenia Victoria Bargasaryan honorary citizenships in recognition of their diplomatic efforts to strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation with Italy," expressing the Municipality's readiness to adopt any initiative in this regard.

National News Agency Director

Sleiman, in turn, talked about the role of the media in promoting dialogue among civilizations. "We in Lebanon are open to all peoples and all religions. Lebanon is a diverse country with 18 communities living in one country, in addition to receiving displaced Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinian refugees.

She added: "Lebanon is a country of liberties and a bridge between East and West, and is characterized by freedom of expression and opinion."

Sleiman said the media is a double-edged sword, calling on reporters to be accurate and objective in publishing news, while respecting the ethics of the profession.

NNA Director also shared her experience at the National News Agency, which relied on "accuracy in reporting news and objectivity, opening up to the world through active participation in international conferences and in developing sections of foreign languages, such as French, English and Spanish, away from misleading and false news."

She added that Lebanon believes in dialogue, referring in this context to the initiative launched by the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, at the UN to create the Human Academy for Meeting and Dialogue.

Ambassador Daher

In her speech, the Ambassador stressed the importance of historical relations between Lebanon and Italy, noting that it was one of the best examples, especially in light of the commonalities between the two countries.

She added that both countries are calling for peace, in the light of Italy's participation in UNIFIL and its role in maintaining peace in southern Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency