Monday, January 27, 2020
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Ambassador of China: We look forward to in-depth talks with upcoming Lebanese government

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Lebanon, Wang Kejian, held a seminar titled "One-Way Initiative, One Way: The Silk Road" at the Faculty of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences at Al-Hadat, in the presence of ranking dignitaries.

He pointed out that "this [Silk Road] initiative was launched in 2013 and has since turned from a concept into reality. A lot has been accomplished at the cultural, economic, financial and trade levels."

"At the level of policy coherence, there has been great progress in enhancing mutual trust between China and the countries involved in this initiative. The concept of this initiative has been introduced into many events, UN meetings and regional and international mechanisms. 118 agreements have been signed between China and 113 countries and a number of international organizations in cooperation in the framework of this initiative, including Lebanon," the ambassador explained.

He also addressed "the difficulties and obstacles faced by this initiative, including: security and political unrest in some countries, regional crises and ongoing civil wars, political and internal turmoil and volatility, a major change in government attitudes, skepticism and abuse from some external parties, as well as many economic and legal obstacles in many countries for political and economic reasons."

Kejian appreciated the efforts of "the Lebanese side to host refugees and displaced Syrians and Palestinians," and expressed his sympathy with the suffering experienced by these displaced people and the difficulties faced by the Lebanese government to host such a large number of them.

He added: "Therefore, we have provided payments of humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians and the host communities, including food, tents, medical devices and daily life needs to alleviate the suffering of displaced Syrians and the burden shouldered by the Lebanese society."

"Looking forward to the future, we hope for further consultation and in-depth talks with the Lebanese government after its formation, so as to coordinate development policies between China and Lebanon and to know the priorities of the Lebanese government in terms of developmental plans, so that we can agree on projects and programs of joint cooperation," the diplomat concluded.

Source: National News Agency