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Anani: Egypt witnesses monthly increase in rates of inbound tourism

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani said that there is a monthly increase in the rate of inbound tourism to Egypt, reflecting a confidence in the Egyptian tourism product.

Interviewed by Al Ahram Newspaper out on Sunday 2/5/2021, Anani said “We have now reached 40% of the numbers of the same period before Corona,” describing this as a “good rate.”

The minister affirmed that the event of the transfer of royal mummies demonstrated the ability of the Egyptian state, which was able to organize an event that dazzled the world.

He noted that “What happened and we saw is not the image of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, but the image of the Egyptian state.”

Anani considered that this scene was primarily a tourist event and the biggest promotion for Egypt, and he said, “I do not think that there is a campaign that Egypt witnessed before that was able to enter every home to this degree.”

He stressed that the state has shown to the world that we preserve our antiquities and transport our mummies in a proper manner, and that we spare no effort or money to preserve our antiquities, and the Minister highlighted the awareness aspect of this event. “Every child now talks about his pharaohs forefathers and knows that he belongs to a great civilization.”

Regarding the latest preparations for the grand museum, the minister said that the museum’s work is progressing at a great rate, and the third and fourth compartments of King Tutankhamun were moved, and more than 55,000 artifacts and antiquities were transported by more than half of the 107 “fattarin” allocated to the Golden Pharaoh.

Pointing out that the rate of engineering achievement is moving tremendously, “We chose a company to provide services, which is a coalition that includes companies specializing in hospitality, services and museums from Egypt, the Emirates, France and Britain.

He pointed out that the final touches and experiments are being put in place to transfer the Khufu boat to the Grand Museum, and said, “We will take our time to prepare for the transfer in cooperation between the museum development project, the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the consulting and specialized companies. They have been studying the transportation process for long months, to be done in a professional manner. We all got used to professional transportation through mummies, and they will be transported before the middle of this year.

The minister enumerated the features of the tourism plan, as part of the 2030 strategy, saying the most prominent of them are: Encouraging investment and investment climate and increasing the competitiveness of the Egyptian tourism product, not only in price, but also services on roads and hospitals and promotion, and the investment capacity means inviting the investor to spend in tourism investment as happens with real estate financing and have advantages And all of this is through administrative and legislative procedures.

He explained that the main destinations for inbound tourism to Egypt are Sharm el-Sheikh, followed by Hurghada and Marsa Alam. However, he said, our main markets for tourism are Eastern Europe in light of Western Europe and the Arab countries not opening and they represent more than 80% of the total foreign tourists.

With regard to the new global trend of “Corona passport”, the minister explained that there are reservations from the two-world health and tourism organizations, as the two organizations found that it is discriminatory, but he said that Egypt will go with the world in this regard, as “the simplest common measure will be taken.” In the world, the arrival of tourists while preserving the health of Egyptians and workers in the sector, and we are not far from what is happening and we communicate with all countries.

As for the laws and legislation that the tourism sector awaits, the minister referred to the law (Tourism and Antiquities Fund), adding that it was presented again to the Culture and Tourism Committee in the House of Representatives, and it was approved and awaiting its entry into a public session.

The minister explained that he was handed over three and a half months ago to the Council of Ministers for the rest of the ministries to make their observations on him, adding: “We finished the amendments to the law (the Federation of Tourist Chambers) and sent it in its final form to the Federation and we are waiting for his opinion on it according to the law.”


Source: State Information Service Egypt