Anzour: We have exceptional responsibilities to promote peace without discrimination among countries

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Geneva, Deputy Speaker of the People's Assembly Najdat Anzour stressed the special responsibilities that parliamentarians bear to promote peace and mobilize capacities in order to build security and stability.

Anzour said at the 138th General Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union held in Geneva, We have an exceptional responsibility to find the formula by which we can exert pressure on the governments, not for war but for boosting peace.

The terrorism that strikes Syria won't stay in Syria. It is beyond-border terrorism. I am not referring to the terrorists, but its culture too that can recruit terrorists anywhere in the world without moving across borders, he added.

Anzour went on to say that talking about the coercive displacement of the Syrians can't be discussed in isolation from its causes, which is foremost terrorism that targeted some areas and forced their people to leave seeking for security offered by the Syrian government.

He also pointed out to the negative impacts of the unilateral coercive economic measures that targeted the Syrian people and contributed to the creation of difficult conditions which have led many Syrians to migrate in search for better living conditions.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency