Friday, August 7, 2020
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Aoun assures anti corruption process shall continue unhindered

President Michel Aoun stressed Wednesday that the process of fighting corruption continues, noting that no one shall succeed in hindering its course.

President Aoun’s fresh words came during his meeting at Baabda palace this morning with a delegation of the administrative committee of Former Judges’ League in Lebanon, led by Judge Anthony Issa El Khoury.

The President highlighted the essential role of the judiciary in the reform process, noting that Lebanon has regained its sovereign decision and is no longer a dependent country.

Referring to the achievements realized during the last two years of his presidential term at the security, administrative and judicial level, Aoun stated that these accomplishments were a step in the reform process, which he had vowed to carry on and implement unhindered.

Aoun assured the Lebanese that he shall work on wiping out all obstacles standing in the way of the reform process.

On the other hand, Aoun met with former minister Gaby Layyoun, over the current general situation and most recent political developments.

He later received former MP Amal Abu Zaid, with whom he discussed the latest political developments.

Discussions also touched on the role of the joint Lebanese-Russian commission tasked with the issue of the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

The stringent needs related to the Jezzine district also featured high on their talks.

Later, a delegation of the Lebanese Army Command, visited Aoun at the Baabda palace, who extended to him an invitation to chair the Independence Day celebration.

Source: National News Agency