Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Aoun: Electoral law will allow the representation of majorities and minorities

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said Saturday that the new vote law would ensure the representation of both the majorities and the minorities in the country.

Speaking in an interview to BBC's Arabic TV Channel this evening, Aoun expressed his satisfaction with the new electoral law, which adopted proportionality and preferential voting; thus, allowing for "the representation of majorities and minorities at the same time and in the most correct way, resulting in a council of deputies that provides more internal stability."

"The law is not responsible for stirring up instincts and spreading a sectarian atmosphere, but the responsibility is borne by the politicians who have resorted to this method," the President explained.

Aoun stressed that "casting a vote for a closed electoral list within the new law means voting for the political line chosen by the citizen, while the preferential vote allows the citizen himself to choose whoever he wishes from amongst the electoral list members. Hence, representation comes out true at the highest levels."

He called herein on candidates to work for their list's general electoral score, while leaving the preferential vote to each voter's choice.

The President recalled that when he pushed in the direction of passing the proportionality law, his main aim was to achieve justice in representation and to ensure that the people would have a word in the selection of their representatives, with no other consideration.

Aoun hoped that "the new government would be formed quickly as stipulated by the Constitution," noting that "the important thing is to preserve national unity in any future government structure."

"However, if this is not possible, we will resort to the majority and whoever does not participate will remain in the opposition," he added.

Referring to the subject of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the President reiterated that "Lebanon has never harmed the displaced people of Syria, nor has anyone pressed for their unsafe return."

"Yet, when I demand that the displaced be allowed to return to Syria, I am actually doing so in line with my Constitutional oath to preserve the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon," stated Aoun.

"No one can give me orders on my land. Lebanon has provided the best humanitarian treatment for the displaced, and there is no truth to the rumors that some people are exerting pressure against them," the President underscored.

Source: National News Agency