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Aoun follows up on government formation, tackles agricultural, cultural affairs

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, tackled this Friday the latest developments in terms of forming the new government, especially after the positions he announced in the media dialogue he held on Wednesday, marking his two years in office.

President Aoun welcomed at the Baabda Palace the President of the ICARDA International Organization for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, Ms. Margaret Taltowitz, along with a delegation comprising the representative of Lebanon to the FAO Board of Trustees and the Director General of the Scientific and Agricultural Research Department, Dr. Michel Afram, as well as members from Egypt, Norway, the United States, Britain, India, Syria, the Netherlands and Jordan and the Organization’s Director-General, Ali Abu-Saba.

Taltowitz expressed her happiness at her presence in Lebanon, explaining the tasks of the organization, “which was established in 1977 and is based in Terbol – Bekaa,” briefing the president on the “research done to help farmers, improve their working conditions and promote agricultural crops.”

She also praised “the existing cooperation between FAO and the Agricultural Scientific Research Service, and their joint activities.”

The President of the Republic stressed the importance of “cooperation between Lebanon and the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), which dates back to 1977,” he said, wishing success for the board of trustees meeting.

He also uttered “readiness to provide the required facilitation to the headquarters of the Organization in Lebanon,” commending “the organization’s efforts since 1977 to improve the quality and productivity of agricultural crops (within the Terbol station affiliated with the Research Department).”

“We seek to render the Lebanese economy one that is based on productive sectors under the National Economic Plan (McKinsey), whose results will be reflected on various economic, social and living aspects. We see the possibility of exploiting your efforts to help implement the McKinsey recommendations in the agricultural sector,” he told his guests.

On a different note, President Aoun met with the Secretary General of the Tashnaq Party, MP Hagop Pakradonian, and a delegation of the Committee to honor the late French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour.

The delegation asked President Aoun to sponsor the celebration which will be held on November 15 and 16 at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in Mono – Achrafieh, in honor of the late singer who died on the eve of the Francophone Summit which took place in Yerevan, Armenia on October 10.

President Aoun commended the initiative of the committee to honor Charles Aznavour, praising the “artistic and cultural achievements he made during his lifetime.”

Source: National News Agency