Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Aoun holds talks with Belgian House Speaker at Baabda paalce

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Monday stressed that the best solution to the Syrian refugees’ crisis lies in their return to safe areas in their country.

President Aoun’s fresh words came during his meeting at the Baabda palace with President of the Belgian House of Representatives, Siegfried Bracke, in the presence of his accompanying parliamentary delegation.

Attending the meeting had also been MP Yassine Jaber and Belgian Ambassador to Lebanon, Hubert Cooreman.

Aoun said linking the Syrian refugees’ return to their homeland to reaching a political solution in Syria raises doubts regarding their stay in their host countries, citing the example of the Palestinian people’s 70 year pending cause.

Aoun informed Bracke that Lebanon has asked of the international community and the international organizations affiliated to the United Nations to provide assistance to the displaced Syrians after their return, for they are contributing to the reconstruction of their country.

In reply to questions by the Belgian parliamentary delegation, Aoun said Lebanon has regained and consecrated its stability two years ago after the Lebanese army and the security forces have defeated the terrorist groups in the Bekaa Valley and eliminated dormant terror cells.

However, the President added, Lebanon is enduring an economic crisis due to the accumulations of the past years and the impact of the international crisis and the influx of displaced Syrians and refugees.

In reply to a question, Aoun expressed surprise regarding the international positions that ignore the need for the return of the displaced Syrians, pointing out that Lebanon calls for separating the political solution of the Syrian crisis from the issue of the return of the displaced.

The head of state said that the Lebanese constitution prohibits Palestinian settlement in Lebanon, deploring the continued Israeli assaults against the Palestinian people and the city of Quds.

The President affirmed that the policy adopted by Israel does not help in achieving peace but rather it keeps wars ongoing in different forms.

In response to a question, Aoun said that the next government will accord priority to reforms, in order to keep up with the results of the CEDRE conference, and to implement the already devised national economic plan- pending approval by the new government to be put into effect.

Bracke, for his part, expressed his delight to be visiting Lebanon along with his accompanying delegation, focusing on “the importance of Lebanon for the European countries, in general, and Belgium, in particular, which wants to further its relations with Lebanon.”

The Belgian senior official said his Country shall become a member of the Security Council as of next January, and shall contribute to supporting Lebanon’s causes in the international podiums.

Source: National News Agency