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Aoun meets German State Minister, says refugee repatriation priority

President Michel Aoun on Wednesday extolled the ongoing cooperation between Lebanon and Germany in multiple fields, especially at the economic level and in the scope of the UNIFIL maritime contingent, calling to bolster this coordination "considering the strong Lebanese-German relations."

Aoun's remarks came during his meeting with German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Niels Annen, and the accompanying delegation, in presence of State Minister for Presidency Affairs, Salim Jreissati.

"Tackling the economic issue, resuming the fight against corruption and the repatriation of the displaced Syrians are our government's priorities," the President told his guest.

"The combat of corruption is still strongly ongoing and nothing will stop it," he stressed.

He also underlined Lebanon's commitment to implement CEDRE resolutions.

Moreover, Aoun maintained that Lebanon was unable to bear the consequences of the massive presence of Syrian refugees, renewing calls upon the international community to help repatriate the displaced to the safe zones in Syria and "not to hinder this return under the pretense of the political solution to the Syrian crisis."

"Lebanon will continue facilitating the repatriation of those wishing to return," he said, indicating that 162 thousand refugees have returned home.

Accordingly, Aoun called the UN to offer aids to Syrians who had returned to their country.

For his part, Annen highly valued Aoun's efforts to form a new government, hailing the President's "leading role" in Lebanon's rise.

He also maintained his country's continuous support for Lebanon and participation in the UNIFIL.

Source: National News Agency