Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Aoun talks overall situation with Makhzoumi

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Thursday met at the Baabda palace with MP Fouad Makhzoumi, with talks reportedly touching on the situation in Lebanon and the broad region.

MP Makhzoumi congratulates President Aoun on the formation of the new government.

On emerging, Makhzoumi hoped that the government will take on a new approach, saying "the country is in dire need of effective government which will put an end to crises."

The Lawmaker called for governmental solidarity away from diatribes and polemics.

Makhzoumi underlined "the need to work on a clear roadmap for the displaced people's dossier and the relationship with Syria that serves firstly the interest of Lebanon and lays the foundations for its participation in Syria's reconstruction."

The MP also pointed out that a significant part of the Cedre loans will be allotted to secure jobs for the displaced, highlighting the need that the Lebanese youth benefit from the $11 billion loans to implement development projects that will provide job opportunities and improve investment prospects.

Makhzoumi urged the new government to shoulder its responsibilities, notably in terms of combating corruption and halting money squandering and indiscriminate employment.

On the other hand, President Aoun met with the administrative board of former deputies' league, led by former minister and MP Talal al-Merhebi, who congratulated the president on forming the new government.

The Head of State also welcomed at the Baabda palace President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Jean Fahed, with talks reportedly touching on preparations for the upcoming judicial conference on means to advance justice and improve the judicial performance.

Source: National News Agency