Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Aoun welcomes UK’s Burt, says Hezbollah’s regional expansion does not affect Lebanon politically

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Thursday welcomed British Minister for Middle East and International Development, Alistair Burt.

"Lebanon has the will to move positively on the path of salvation from the current situation it is going through," Aoun told the visiting UK Minister.

"The government is determined to implement the economic reform plan to render the Lebanese economy a productive one. We are working hard to implement the recommendations of CEDRE conference, especially with regard to reforms and projects based on cooperation between the public and private sectors," the President added in an address he gave before the senior British politician.

Moreover, Aoun lauded the ongoing cooperation between Lebanon and Britain in various fields, especially the act of providing the Lebanese Armed Forces with much-needed equipment and building observation towers that have helped enable the Lebanese army to defeat terrorists in the Bekaa bordering area.

Aoun expressed hope that bilateral relations would be strengthened with the UK, pointing out that "Lebanon has taken note of the British position vis-a-vis Hezbollah."

The regional expansion of Hezbollah does not mean that its influence on Lebanese politics goes beyond its capacity as part of the Lebanese people and its representation in the government and parliament.

On another level, Aoun stressed the need to support Lebanon in its quest to return Syrian refugees to safe areas in Syria.

For his part, Minister Burt conveyed to President Aoun his country's desire to strengthen Lebanese-British relations in all fields.

"The recent economic conference in London is part of the British support plan for the Lebanese economy. UK's relations with Lebanon will not be affected by any position taken by Britain against Hezbollah," Burt added.

Source: National News Agency