AQACHEI, NECHE talk university accreditation cooperation

Foreign Affairs

During the meeting, Sarayreh and Hanno discussed mechanisms for monitoring accreditation process and developing and updating standards continuously, to keep pace with the rapid technological developments in the educational process in higher education institutions. Sarayreh said AQACHEI continues to support Jordanian higher education institutions and puts its expertise and capabilities to develop and qualify their performance, stressing the need to develop "clear" strategies and policies for the educational process, in a bid to achieve the desired goals and keep abreast of developments and technological revolution. AQACHEI is always "open" to international expertise in the accreditation and quality fields, and keeps pace with new developments in educational systems in international education institutions, Sarayreh said. For his part, Hanno lauded Jordanian universities' achievements, which is a "clear" sign of the Kingdom's progress, excellence, and its scientific reputation worldwide. NECHE is a non-profit organization that accredits public and private universities in the United States and other countries.

Source: Jordan News Agency