Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Arab and African Businesswomen Forum kicks off

Dubai: The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), in coordination with Arab Businesswomen’s Council, on Wednesday hosted a “Forum for Arab and African Businesswomen”, in Dubai. The forum will be held for two consecutive days, and attended by participants from Arab and African businesswomen associations and unions in addition to representatives from the Arab Financing Institutions Coordination Group.

The opening ceremony was addressed by Abdul Aziz Khelef, Director General of BADEA, Shaikha Hessa Al Sabah, Chairwoman of the Arab Businesswomen’s Council and Joanne Mwangi, President of the Eastern Africa Women Entrepreneur Exchange Network (EAWEEXN).

The Forum was organised under the theme “Arab and African Women and Entrepreneurship”, which shed light on BADEA’s objectives and strategic roles as a financial institution enhancing the cooperation between Arab and African countries. This is done through funding, encouraging Arab-African trade activities and providing technical support to develop African states, in addition to encouraging investments run by Arab businesswomen in Africa. The forum also highlighted outstanding experiences of both Arab and African businesswomen.

The forum’s agenda included three different sessions which discussed various topics such as: BADEA’s support to women in Africa and the role of GCC women in economy and in development. Others are economic empowerment of women, best practices of Arab women in entrepreneurship, in addition to significant business activities by women in Africa and the Arab world and possibilities for cooperation between Arab and African women.

The forum will end with a special session highlighting the relationship between African and Arab businesswomen through issuing the “Dubai Declaration” which includes recommendations that will strengthen the mechanisms for better collaborations between the businesswomen in the two regions.