Friday, August 14, 2020
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Arab, foreign journalists: We came to convey true image about Syria which triumphed over terrorism

Damascus, Arab and foreign media delegations have visited the Media Center at the pavilion of the Information Ministry on sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 61stedition of Damascus International Fair to get acquainted with the work of the national mass media, affirming that the came to convey a message on the true Syria which has defeated terrorism.

Journalist Samira al-Harasi from Hala FM Radio in the Sultanate of Oman expressed happiness to participate in covering the activities of the fair, hailing the high-level organization of the event.

Al-Harasi added that in addition to covering the activities of the fair, there is a program for visiting a number of the archeological and tourist sites in Syria to prepare a number of media reports on them.

Journalist Mohammad al-Alawi from the Omani al-Wessal Radio said that his attending of the fair is an opportunity to see the victorious Syria closely.

He added that the Fair represents a gate from Damascus into the world and it is the duty of the journalists to convey that image.

Meanwhile, Head of the Iraqi delegation Abdul-Rida Hamid said that holding Damascus International Fair is a message to the world that Syria has triumphed over terrorism which it has faced for defending all humanity.

Lebanese Journalist Samar al-Haj said that the fair affirms Syria’s victory over terrorism, affirming that the Fair reflects Syria’s ability to recover.

Journalist Patrick Kaiserge from Prague said that Syria and its people have surprised the world with their steadfastness and determination, considering that the fair reflects Syria’s ability to rise again and recover.

Czech Journalist Alex Sava Amberk said that he came to Syria to cover the events of the fair, adding that it is the third year in a row in which he visits Syria during the period in which the fair is held to see Syria which is full of life and Damascus which have become the center of the attention of the world after it had been able to remain steadfast and it triumphed over terrorism.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency