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Arabic OSN line-up expanded

Television celebrities George Kordahi, Cyrine Abdul Noor and Sharif Salama unveiled three new OSN television shows they would star in at a press conference in Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm on Wednesday.

Kordahi returns as the talk show host of Mousameh Karim [Forgiveness is Kind], based on the international format of You’ve Got Mail, on April 4. With every episode, it aims to reconcile two parties who have fallen out. Kordahi hosted a similar tear-jerker eight years ago, but for only one season. He said people still approach him asking why it was cancelled.

“This programme has a message for everyone,” Kordahi said. “People will be able to relate to it within their families, their societies and their day-to-day environments.”

Abdul Noor stars as the protagonist of the romantic drama Seirat Hob [The Topic of Love]. Her character, Reem, is torn between two lovers. The show begins in Ramadan but runs for over 90 episodes. The long-running format is new to Arabic content and is usually reserved for dubbed shows.

“If the acting, directing and storyline is strong, then audiences will want to watch it for longer and longer,” Abdul Noor said.

Salama stars in the controversial thriller, Al Khatiaah [Wrong-doing], which runs for over 60 episodes, also starting in Ramadan. The show revolves around Salama’s character, Yaseen, committing a wrong-doing and dealing with the turbulent aftermath.

“It’s about someone who loves his family, and he has to do something wrong for the sake of his lover,” Salama said. “I don’t want to spoil it, but it will be clear in the very first episode what goes wrong.”

Aside from the three shows highlighted at the press conference, OSN is adding 15 shows to its Arabic line-up, nine of which are exclusive to OSN. This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on June 29.